This project consists of a series of installations of pictorial and compositional character that covers the proportional problematic of the figure of the Iceberg. A piece of ice that detaches from a glacier, and an eighth of its mass remains in sight. The information used to refer to what is hidden is rather that a small part of itself, and, in this case, it is necessary to refer to the minimum that is seen and how extensive it is.

Threshold. The minimum manifestations that a stimulus requires to be perceived, detected. The minimum amount of signal that must exist in the place to be registered by a system. The slight reaction necessary to give rise to the existence of something. Threshold is what separates and, at the same time, links; a state of another, a space of another, a territory of another.

 Installation. Oil on wood and canvas, light line projection. (2013).


Installation. Oil on canvas, oil on wall, rolls of paper, wooden walkway. (2013).

Installation. Oil on canvas an industrial oil on wall. (2013).

Installation. Watercolor on paper and industrial oil on wall. (2011).