Project first carried out during a brief residency at the MAVI Museum of Visual Arts (2016) and later in the context of 1/8 of the Whole, a solo show held in June 2017 at the MAVI Museum of Visual Arts (Santiago, Chile). 

TransFig 1 is a work around the mediation and degradation of glaciers photographs -using old photocopying machines- and the subsequent materialization of their results in a gif, a video installation and a series of serigraphs. Hyper-mediated images: the small errors of each transfer of the photocopied landscape, one after the other, become massive and generate changes in the image, which on a large scale ends up generating a progression of elusive, degraded or transfigured images. Images that become distorted and lose sharpness, but also expand in size and navigate between ink particles and screen glitches.