Project carried out in the context of the residency Estudio Abierto during September 2019 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Later, it was exhibited at Espacio Lalitho (Oaxaca, Mexico). Research resumed in Aysén, Chile during January 2020, which has not been exhibited yet.
The project consisted of a first stage that involved a walking device during a residency in Oaxaca, Mexico (Sept 2019) and a second stage that involved a raft during a research trip in Aysen, Chile (January 2020).

“Sentimental Signage” is a project that includes art actions and audiovisual records of the same.
It arises from the artist’s personal need to link herself to a territory unknown to her and inhabit it temporarily by creating -and installing on the ground- an informative signage that works as an omniscient log book or narrator.
It is materialized in the elaboration of a transportable structure that functions as a mobile sign and in the investigation of wireless systems around a luminous text screen that is programmed in real time.

It responds to a work process that had a gradual evolution; it emerged as a sort of biographical and personal log book, and ended up carrying a collective, manipulable, interactive and mobile voice. An emotional, collective and anonymous memory carried on the shoulders or floating on the sea.
“Sentimental Signage” seeks to create small anonymous field guides, -as alternative subtitles to a film already seen- in movement or temporarily installed in specific sectors, which give an account of a new reading of the territory: an invisible, personal and collective map. A sentimental map.