I’m not going to write about the future again.
I’m not going to write about the no-future either.
I’m going to write about the process of becoming another:
about vibration, selection, recombination, recomposition.

/ Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi.





I started this year letting float, by the mercy of the water currents, the word ‘future’ on a small raft. The following months replaced the exterior landscapes, where I usually take my work process, with my domestic space and my own body as a territory where to install senses. The immersion caused by confinement transformed the epic act and the great places into subtle actions and minimal resources.
In this series of visual exercises created on some sleepless night, Bifo’s words projected onto my forearms and the palms of my hands searching a certain way to melt into my way of understanding, like those who repeat a phrase until they memorize it. The need to mutate the heaviness of the growing sense of uncertainty and powerlessness over contemporary transformations into something mobile which to dialogue, letting go of the inscription of the word future on the present, so that it floats away and becomes other materialities, possibilities and potentialities.




C E R T A I N – F U T U R A B I L I T I E S
Registro de acción / Serie de fotografías digitales (2020)